Pedestal Stand Fans for Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom & More

Pedestal fans are a good substitute to ceiling fans and are perfect to be used in homes where space can be a problem. Besides keeping a room cool, these fans are also quite suitable for monsoon or chilly winters when you have a load of wet clothes that you wish to dry. And moreover, opposite of ceiling fans, these fans can be installed to blow air in a specific direction, which is very much convenient. The majority of these fans come with multiple speed settings, letting you set as well as adjust them according to your requirements. The high-quality fans come with the silent operation feature; therefore you don’t have to be concerned about being disturbed by a continuous buzzing noise when you use them. Features like jerk free oscillation; up to 2600 RPM hi air thrust and energy efficient up to 55W power consumption (depending upon the wide variety of ranges) make Usha pedestal fans worth every penny. Usha range of pedestal fans come with unique features and conveniences like remote controls and timer settings to control on/off functions, these fans are ideal for use in homes, clubs, restaurants and lobbies. Sturdy mount bases, adjustable height and powerful air flow make them even better and easy to use.


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